Margaret Olivia Sage Scholars

Established in 2015, the Foundation's Margaret Olivia Sage Scholars program provides the opportunity for distinguished social scientists to spend brief periods in residence at the Russell Sage Foundation. The program is named in honor of RSF’s founder, Margaret Olivia Sage. Margaret Olivia Sage (MOS) Scholars are nominated and selected by the Foundation's Board of Trustees on the basis of their outstanding career accomplishments. While in residence at RSF, they pursue their own research and participate in the intellectual activities of the Foundation through mentoring the annual class of Visiting Scholars and advising the President and program officers about both new and ongoing research initiatives.

Robert M. Solow continues as the Foundation’s Robert K. Merton Scholar, a position he has held since 2001. The Merton Scholar recognizes the enduring contributions of an eminent scholar to the social sciences. Solow, Institute Professor Emeritus at M.I.T., was Nobel Laureate in Economics in 1987.

In addition, each year the Russell Sage Foundation selects a class of 16-17 Visiting Scholars based on external peer review of submitted applications.


Margaret Olivia Sage Scholars 2022–2023

Thomas C. Holt

Spring 2023

James Westfall Thompson Professor Emeritus of American and African American History, University of Chicago

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Claude Steele

Spring 2023

Lucie Stern Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Stanford University

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Margaret Beale Spencer

Marshall Field IV Professor of Urban Education in the Department of Comparative Human Development, University of Chicago

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