Visiting Journalists

There is a long, rich history of journalists writing and reporting compellingly about topics related to the Russell Sage Foundation’s mission to "improve the social and living conditions in the United States." The growth of economic inequality and its consequences, inequities in educational achievement and attainment, the impact of modern immigration, and recent racial tensions over urban policing are all examples of topics addressed by journalists that are central to RSF programs, and which have been the subject of study by RSF scholars and grantees.

In conducting original research on a wide range of social, political, and economic conditions and presenting those findings to the public, journalists are critical to our understanding of Americans' lives and lived experiences. Visiting Journalists work full-time in residence at the Foundation for up to four months alongside resident Visiting Scholars who might help inform the development of their projects.​​​​​​

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2023-2024 Visiting Journalists


Mary Otto

Fall 2023

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Julia Preston

Fall 2023

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