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RSF Bulletin

Winter 2020 Presidential Authority Grants

The Russell Sage Foundation recently approved thirteen Presidential Authority Grants in its Future of Work; Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration; and Social, Political, and Economic Inequality programs. Presidential grants were also approved in the special initiatives on Computational Social Science and Immigration and Immigrant Integration.

Please follow the links below for additional information on each grant.

Computational Social Science

Immigration and Immigrant Integration

Future of Work

Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration

Social, Political, and Economic Inequality

Upcoming Application Deadlines for 2020 Summer Institutes

In Summer 2020, RSF will sponsor several intensive one or two-week Summer Institutes on various topics for doctoral students and early career scholars. Applications for the Computational Social Science and Proposal Development Summer Institutes are due February 25, 2020. Applications for the Behavioral Economics Summer Institute are due March 13, 2020.

Small Grants Competition in Computational Social Science for Early Career Scholars

RSF is now accepting applications for its small grants competition in Computational Social Science. This initiative supports innovative social science research by early career scholars that utilizes new data and methods to advance our understanding of the research issues that comprise the foundation’s core programs. We are primarily interested in research that explores and improves our understanding of social, psychological, political and economic outcomes.

The next application deadline for small grants in Computational Social Science is March 17, 2020.

Click here for more information on the CSS small grants competition for early career scholars.

Visiting Fellowship Application Deadlines

RSF’s visiting scholar program, established over thirty years ago, is a unique opportunity for social scientists to pursue research projects that investigate essential questions on social, economic, and political life in the U.S. while in residence in New York City. The program fosters the exchange of ideas in a vibrant interdisciplinary environment and promotes collaborations between researchers. Applications are reviewed by outside experts; final selections are made by RSF trustees. Applications for the 2021-2022 academic year will be accepted until June 25, 2020.

View further information on the program, including eligibility requirements and application guidelines.

RSF is also accepting applications for visiting journalists in residence at the foundation until May 1, 2020.

View more about the Visiting Journalist program, including application guidelines.

Funding Opportunities in RSF Programs and Special Initiatives

The next letter of inquiry deadline is May 21, 2020, for the Behavioral Economics; Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration; and Social, Political, and Economic Inequality programs, as well as for the special initiative on Immigration and Immigrant Integration.

View all funding deadlines and application guidelines.

The "Administrative Burden Quiz": NY Times Upshot Features Research from RSF Book

The New York Times’ “Upshot” section recently highlighted research findings from the RSF book Administrative Burden: Policymaking by Other Means, by Pamela Herd and Donald Moynihan (Georgetown University). The Times developed an “Administrative Burden Quiz,” which asked readers to see whether they make the kinds of mistakes that can cost poor families food or health insurance. The Times found that a substantial share of people, including the wealthy and Americans on both the left and right ends of the political spectrum, make the kind of mistakes that could cause a loss of government benefits. In their book, public policy experts Herd and Moynihan define administrative burdens as bureaucracy, confusing paperwork, and complex regulations that introduce delay and frustration into our experiences with government agencies. Administrative burdens diminish the effectiveness of public programs and can even block individuals from fundamental rights like voting.

Read more about the book and purchase a copy.

RSF Trustees Testify Before House Committee and at Vatican Global Education Conference

On Tuesday, February 11, 2020, RSF trustee Jason Furman (Harvard Kennedy School) testified before the House Ways and Means Committee on “The Disappearing Corporate Income Tax” (read his prepared testimony here). Furman spoke about developments in revenue and the economy since the passage of the 2017 tax law. He also made recommendations for the next phase of business tax reform, which would both raise revenue and contribute to increased economic growth. (Read more here.)

At “Education: The Global Compact”, a conference hosted by the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences from February 6-7, 2020, RSF trustee Hirokazu Yoshikawa (New York University) presented on the topic “Refugees and Education.” Yoshikawa’s presentation focused on the struggle to educate and accommodate growing numbers of immigrant and refugee students, who face marginalization on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, and language. (Read more here.)

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