Immigrant Attitudes Toward Racial Inequality

Awarded Scholars:
Masha Krupenkin, Boston College
Project Date:
Apr 2022
Award Amount:

Co-funded with the Carnegie Corporation of New York

Scholars have analyzed attitudes of native-born Americans towards immigrants, including associations between racial attitudes and anti-immigrant sentiments. However, less is known about immigrants’ racial attitudes. Political scientist Masha Krupenkin will build on a prior study that showed immigrants are more likely to express anti-Black attitudes than their native-born co-ethnics. Krupenkin will administer an online survey with 1,500 racially diverse native-born respondents and 1,800 racially diverse foreign-born respondents to examine the origins and consequences of anti-Black attitudes among foreign-born Americans. The survey will include questions about racial resentment, racial stereotypes, and Black-White differences.


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