Reading List: Inequality and Economic Mobility

Rohan Mascarenhas, Russell Sage Foundation
February 1, 2012

Earlier this month, economist (and former RSF trustee) Alan Krueger sparked an extended debate online after discussing the relationship between inequality and economic mobility in a speech at the Center for American Progress.

The Russell Sage Foundation has sponsored a number of studies on social mobility and will publish an edited volume this spring that compares whether and how parents' resources transmit advantage to their children at different stages of development and sheds light on the structural differences among countries that may influence intergenerational mobility.

Until then, those interested in the subject can browse through the journal articles and working papers collected below. This list is by no means exhaustive; suggestions for more citations can be sent here. Where possible, a link to a PDF copy has been included. While many of the papers below are of a technical bent, readers can find an excellent general introduction to the literature here.

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