Research Grants Approved at June 2019 Trustee Meeting

July 2, 2019

At the Russell Sage Foundation’s June 2019 meeting of the Board of Trustees, several new research projects were approved in its programs on Future of Work and Social, Political, and Economic Inequality—along with new grants in the foundation’s special initiatives on Computational Social ScienceImmigration and Immigrant IntegrationIntegrating Biology and Social Science Knowledge and Non-Standard Work.


Future of Work

Anna Gassman-Pines and Elizabeth Ananat will conduct a study of how legislation designed to reduce work schedule unpredictability affects the economic outcomes and wellbeing of low wage workers. 

Kevin Stange, Steven Hemelt, and Brad Hershbein will conduct a study of how higher education institutions and students respond to changes in the demand for certain skills or majors. 

David Weil, Clemens Noelke and Ellora Derenoncourt will study the spillover effects of wage policy changes by major labor market actors. 

Jeffrey Zabel, Keren Mertens Horn, and Henry Pollakowski will conduct a study examining worker adaptation to changing labor market conditions. 


Social, Political, and Economic Inequality 

Sarah Bowen, Annie Hardison-Moody, and Sinikka Elliott will conduct a longitudinal qualitative analysis of how food insecurity and child wellbeing are linked to broader factors and processes.

Stefanie DeLuca and Nicholas Papageorge will conduct a mixed- methods study examining post-secondary college decision making among disadvantaged youth and how anticipatory assessments of adverse factors influence those decisions.


Computational Social Science

Patrick Rafail will undertake a project that uses text-mining procedures to generate a database of recent fatal police shootings and will analyze the factors related to those events. 

Brendan Nyhan, Christo Wilson, and Andrew Guess will conduct a study that combines computational social science tools with surveys to examine the extent to which biases in political news and video consumption are driven by algorithmic personalization rather than user behavior. 


Immigration and Immigrant Integration

Karen Tejada will conduct an ethnographic study of the effects of the criminalization of immigration on Salvadoran communities in Long Island.

Joscha Legewie, Amy Hsin, and Niklas Harder will study the unintended consequences of aggressive policing on the educational outcomes of undocumented college students in a large public higher education system. 

Ajay Chaudry and Sherry Glied will conduct a study examining the potential early effects of the proposed redefinition of “public charge” on the wellbeing of immigrant families and children. 

Rocío Calvo and Mary C. Waters will conducta qualitative interview study of the experiences of older immigrants with the social safety net and the implications for their wellbeing and for perceptions of inclusion and belonging in U.S. society. 


Integrating Biology and Social Science Knowledge 

Erik Parens, Paul Appelbaum, Vanessa Gamble, and Michelle Meyer will lead a working group that will explore the potential risks and benefits of social science genomics research and determine how to minimize the potential for harm and maximize the potential benefits of this research. 


Non-Standard Work 

Dmitri Koustas and Andrew Garin will analyze previously underexploited tax records to document and characterize trends in the prevalence of non-standard work arrangements.



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