Research Grants Approved at the June 2020 Board Meeting

July 6, 2020

At the foundation’s June 2020 meeting of the board of trustees, five new research projects were approved in its programs on Future of Work and Social, Political, and Economic Inequality and its special initiative on Immigration and Immigrant Integration.

Future of Work

Bruce Sacerdote (Dartmouth College) will study the earnings paths and career trajectories of workers who leave jobs in middle skill occupations and the construction and manufacturing industries in order to analyze how these job losses contribute to income inequality.

Social, Political, and Economic Inequality

Martha J. Bailey (University of Michigan) will lead a study of intergenerational mobility in the early twentieth century, using new research methods to link over 40 million Social Security Administration records to 1900-1940 U.S. Census records.   

Johanna Lacoe (University of California, Berkeley) and Michael Lens (University of California, Los Angeles) will examine the experiences of Housing Choice Voucher recipients to better understand how securing housing increases or decreases reliance on other social support services, including behavioral health, emergency health services, and criminal justice.

Ann Owens (University of Southern California) and Sean Reardon (Stanford University) will create the Segregation Lab, a publicly-available, comprehensive, longitudinal database of estimates of residential and school segregation by race/ethnicity and economic status.

Immigration and Immigrant Integration

Katharine Donato (Georgetown University) will study the assimilation and mobility trajectories of adults who arrived in the United States as unaccompanied migrant and oprhaned children.


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