RSF and William T. Grant Foundation Announce Fourth Round of Educational Opportunity Monitoring Grants

September 10, 2021

RSF and the William T. Grant Foundation are pleased to announce the winners of the fourth round of their targeted small grants competition for early career scholars. These grants fund research projects on Improving Education and Reducing Inequality that deepen our understanding of educational opportunity and success by analyzing data on academic achievement from the Stanford Education Data Archive, developed by Sean Reardon and colleagues.

The following four projects were funded during this round of grant making:

Alexandra Cooperstock (Cornell University) will estimate the effects of the U.S. Department of Education’s Promise Neighborhood program on student academic outcomes.

Kari Dalane (American University) will explore whether charter school growth within a school district leads to higher achievement gaps by socioeconomic status.

Se Woong Lee and Bradley Curs (University of Missouri, Columbia) will estimate the effect of the federal government’s Rural Education Achievement Program (REAP) on rural students’ achievement.

Kaylee Matheny (Stanford University) will examine the extent to which school district-level socioeconomic status (SES) contexts predict achievement within states and estimate the impact of equalizing school funding on achieving more equitable outcomes.


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