RSF Authors and Grantees Featured in the News

July 30, 2019

Research by RSF visiting scholars, authors, and grantees on issues such as integration, the presidential elections, and the social safety net has recently been featured in the press. 

Two articles featured RSF-affiliated researchers and journalists addressing the issue of the politics of integration. A New York Times article on the social benefits of integration cited RSF authors, grantees, and visiting scholars Lincoln Quillian (Northwestern University), Robert J. Sampson (Harvard University), Douglas Massey (Princeton University), Ann Owens (University of Southern California), Jorge de la Roca (University of Southern California), Ingrid Gould Ellen (New York University), Katherine O’Regan (New York University), Sean Reardon (Stanford University), Lindsay Fox (Stanford University), and Rucker Johnson (University of California, Berkeley). Former visiting journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones cited Rucker Johnson in a New York Times article on the history and politics of busing. 

Several articles featured RSF grantees’ work with respect to the 2020 presidential election. Frederick Wherry (Princeton University), co-author of Credit Where It’s Due, was interviewed in Vice about Bernie Sanders’ student debt relief program. Larry Bartels (Vanderbilt University) wrote an op-ed for The New York Times on the negative effects of having too many primary candidates. RSF grantee Daniel Hopkins (University of Pennsylvania) was cited in a New York Times article about the rise of racially liberal Democrats in the Trump era. Former visiting scholar Kathleen Vohs (University of Minnesota) wrote an op-ed for The Washington Post on the psychology of people who continue to support Trump despite his racist comments.

The press also turned to RSF authors and grantees for research on improving the social safety net. Forbes featured research by Deborah Carr (Boston University), RSF author of The Golden Years? Social Inequality in Later Life, in a piece on ensuring retirement security. RSF grantees Sarah Bowen (North Carolina State University) and Sinikka Elliott (University of British Columbia) were cited in a New York Times article about food insecurity. Pamela Herd (Georgetown University) and Donald Moynihan (Georgetown University), authors of the RSF book Administrative Burden: Policymaking by Other Means, wrote an op-ed in The New York Times about the need to lower the administrative burdens to accessing Medicare coverage. 



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