RSF Grantees and Visiting Scholar Named 2019 Carnegie Fellows

May 3, 2019

RSF grantees David Autor (MIT), Raj Chetty (Harvard University), and Brian Kovak (Carnegie Mellon University), and incoming visiting scholar Michèle Lamont (Harvard University) have been selected as 2019 Andrew Carnegie Fellows. They will join a class of 32 scholars, journalists, and authors as part of the Carnegie Corporation’s annual fellowship program that provides support for researchers in the social sciences and humanities.

David Autor is the recipient of several RSF grants focused on how major upheavals such as globalization and technological change affect the labor market. Raj Chetty is the recipient of three RSF grants which employ U.S. tax data to study intergenerational mobility in the U.S. Brian Kovak has received multiple grants under the foundation’s Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration program and its special initiative on the Social and Economic Effects of the Great Recession. Michèle Lamont will be a visiting scholar at RSF during 2019-2020 academic year, and she was previously a visiting scholar in 1996-1997. Her research spans culture and inequality, racism and stigma, and social change and successful societies.

Read the announcement from the Carnegie Corporation.


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