RSF Welcomes Incoming Class of Visiting Scholars, Journalists, and Researchers

September 3, 2019

The foundation is pleased to welcome the incoming class of 2019-2020 visiting scholars (listed below), along with Margaret Olivia Sage scholars Greg DuncanChristopher Jencks, Jane Mansbridge, and Mary Waters, visiting researcher Andrew Cherlin, and visiting journalists Sylvia A. HarveyJude Joffee-Block, and Mosi Secret.

RSF visiting scholars, researchers, and journalists pursue their writing and research at the foundation’s headquarters in New York City. Visiting scholars conduct research in areas of programmatic interest to the foundation. Among the subjects of the visitors’ research are: immigration, race and diversity, unions, income inequality, incarceration, and neighborhood violence. The 19 visiting scholars for 2019-2020 are:

Read more about the visiting scholars' projects. 


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