Summer 2019 Presidential Authority Grants

June 5, 2019

The Russell Sage Foundation recently approved the following Presidential Authority grants in the Future of Work and Social, Political, and Economic Inequality programs and special initiatives on Immigration and Immigrant Integration and Non-Standard Work

The foundation also approved supplemental funding for an ongoing project by Mara Ostfeld (University of Michigan) on how people report skin color.

Future of Work

Avner Ben-Ner, University of Minnesota, and Ainhoa Urtasun-Alonso, Public University of Navarra will conduct a study examining the transformation of tasks, skills and jobs under additive manufacturing. 

Joseph Blasi and Douglas Kruse, Rutgers University, Richard Freeman, Harvard University, Paige Ouimet, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, and Fidan Kurtulus, University of Massachusetts, Amherst will conduct a survey examining the effect of employee equity on management and organizational practices.

Paul Osterman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology will write a book on training programs for low-wage workers. 

Kristin Seefeldt, University of Michigan will conduct a qualitative study of retirement challenges among unionized workers.

Immigration and Immigrant Integration

Daniel Chand, Daniel Hawes, and Christopher Banks, Kent State University, and Apolonia Calderon, University of Maryland will conduct a study examining the role of legal aid in detained asylees’ parole decisions. Co-funded with the Carnegie Corporation. 

Rowena Gray, University of California, Merced will undertake a project to examine the impact of immigration on crime and the role of public sector employment in intergenerational mobility of immigrant group. Co-funded with the Carnegie Corporation.

Huyen Pham, Texas A&M University, and Van H. Pham, Baylor University will conduct a study examining the spillover effects of 287(g) agreements on state trooper policing. Co-funded with the Carnegie Corporation.

Non-Standard Work 

John S. Earle, George Mason University will examine non-standard employment at the firm level. Co-funded with the W. K. Kellogg Foundation.*

Matthew S. Johnson, Duke University, Kurt J. Lavetti, Ohio State University, and Michael Lipsitz, Miami University will examine the relationship between noncompete agreements, worker earnings, mobility, and the functioning of labor markets.Co-funded withthe W. K. Kellogg Foundation.

Social, Political and Economic Inequality 

Sanders Korenman and Dahlia Remler, Baruch College, City University of New York will undertake a project to analyze and help inform the possible implementation of a national Health Inclusive Poverty Measure.


Aliya Saperstein, Stanford University, and Laurel Westbrook, Grand Valley State University will add gradational measures of femininity and masculinity to the General Social Survey.




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