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September 13, 2011

Welcome to RSF Review, the Russell Sage Foundation’s new blog. This space will feature innovative and in-depth research funded by the Foundation, as well as analysis and commentary on many of today’s most pressing social and economic concerns from some of the nation’s leading social scientists.

The Foundation currently funds a wide range of in-depth investigations and research projects as part of our efforts to better understand social inequality, labor policy, behavioral economics, immigration, and how to improve relations between racial and ethnic groups. We also sponsor several working groups focused on policy problems at the forefront of the public agenda, such as the dynamics of immigrant life in new destinations outside traditional gateway cities; how the U.S. compares to other countries with regard to intergenerational mobility; the provision of care to children and the elderly; addressing racial bias in law enforcement; and helping consumers make better financial decisions. On this blog, you will find accessible summaries and charts of results from our projects, as well as additional insights, data and commentary from our grantees, authors, visiting scholars and other experts.

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Established in 1907 for the "improvement of social and living conditions in the United States," RSF is now the principal American foundation devoted exclusively to research in the social sciences. Located in New York City, it is a research center, a funding source for studies by scholars at other academic and research institutions, and an active member of the nation’s social science community. The foundation also publishes, under its own imprint, the books that derive from the work of its grantees and visiting scholars.


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