Dissertation Research Grants

The Russell Sage Foundation (RSF) has established a dissertation research grants (DRG) program to support innovative and high-quality dissertation research projects that address questions relevant to RSF’s priority areas: Behavioral Science and Decision Making in ContextFuture of Work; Race, Ethnicity and Immigration; Immigration and Immigrant Integration; and Social, Political, and Economic Inequality. Proposed projects must be closely aligned with the funding priorities listed on the RSF website for any of these areas, contribute to RSF’s mission to improve social and living conditions in the U.S., and demonstrate appropriate use of relevant theory, innovative data, rigorous research methods, and measures.

In partnership, RSF and the W. E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research will support dissertation research on employment-related topics in any discipline, with particular interest in policy-relevant research pertaining to Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities.

Click here to read about our June 2022 Dissertation Research Grantees.
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Eligibility and Guidelines
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Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about applying for a Dissertation Research Grant
DRG Budget Template
Examples of Successful LOIs and Proposals

Advisory Committee Members

Pilar Gonalons-Pons

Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Pennsylvania

Heather D. Hill

Professor of Public Policy & Governance, University of Washington

Daniel Hopkins

Professor of Political Science, University of Pennsylvania

Vincent Hutchings

Hanes Walton, Jr. Collegiate Professor of Political Science and Afroamerican and African Studies, University of Michigan

Shinobu Kitayama

Robert B. Zajonc Collegiate Professor of Psychology; Director of the Culture & Cognition Program, University of Michigan

Samuel L. Myers, Jr.

Roy Wilkins Professor of Human Relations and Social Justice, Hubert H. Humphrey School of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota

Sandra Susan Smith

Daniel and Florence Guggenheim Professor of Criminal Justice, Harvard University

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