The 2016 Latino Immigrant National Election Study (LINES)

Awarded Scholars:
James McCann, Purdue University
Project Date:
Jul 2016
Award Amount:

The principal source of survey data on public opinion and political engagement is the American National Election Study (ANES). However, throughout its long history, the ANES sampling frame has consisted solely of eligible voters. Political scientists James McCann and Michael Jones-Correa have argued that this renders the archive much less useful for conducting research on immigrants, given that more than half of all foreign-born adults are not American citizens, and are thus barred from voting. 

To complement the ANES, McCann and Jones-Correa conducted a 2012 survey of foreign-born Latinos, Latino Immigrant National Election Study (LINES). They will expand this research by tracking Latino immigrants over the course of the fall 2016 campaign cycle—during a presidential election in which immigration is particularly salient—and into the next presidential administration, to examine how and to what extent major national elections shape political orientation and engagement among the foreign-born.


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