Opportunities for Journalists at RSF in 2019-2020

March 13, 2019

Because journalists report on a number of issues relevant to the Russell Sage Foundation—including social and economic inequality, immigration policy, racial bias in policing, and the rise of low-wage and precarious work—the foundation has established two opportunities for journalists: the visiting journalist program and the Social Science Summer Institute for Journalists.

Social Science Summer Institute for Journalists

The 2019 Social Science Summer Institute for Journalists will be held between July 17–19, 2019 at RSF’s New York City headquarters. This three-day workshop is organized and led by Nicholas Lemann and Tali Woodward (Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism). The program aims to teach journalists how to locate the best available social science research on their topics quickly, how to identify and interact fruitfully with leading experts, and how to read academic publications for their journalistic relevance. Most participant costs during the workshop, including accommodation, meals, and economy-class travel expenses, will be covered directly or reimbursed by the foundation.

The deadline for applications is April 15, 2019Read more and apply.

Visiting Journalist Program

RSF is also accepting applications for visiting journalists for the periods between September–November 2019 or April–June 2020. Visiting journalists who write or report on social, economic, or political conditions in the United States work in residence at the foundation alongside RSF’s resident visiting scholars who might help inform the development of their projects. Past visiting journalists have included Nikole Hannah-Jones (New York Times Magazine), Alexandra Starr (NPR), Andrea Elliott (New York Times), and others.

The deadline for applications is May 1, 2019Read more and apply.


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