Aging and Society, Volume 1

An Inventory of Research Findings
Matilda White Riley
Anne Foner
10.00 x7.25 in.
648 pages
December, 1968

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Aging and Society summarizes the results of social science research on middle-aged and older people and interprets this knowledge in terms of sociological theory and professional practice. Its three volumes are addressed to social scientists and teachers engaged in research and education on the aging practice and to practitioners concerned with prevention and treatment of problems associated with aging. Volume one summarizes research findings on this topic. It selects, condenses, and organizes social science findings on human beings in their middle and later years. It is a reference work to be used as a tool for advancing theoretical understanding and enhancing professional practice.

MATILDA WHITE RILEY and ANNE FONER are members of the Department of Sociology at Rutgers University.

CONTRIBUTORS: Anne Foner, Beth Hess, Marilyn E. Johnson, Mary E. Moore, Matilda White Riley, Barbara K. Roth, and Virginia E. Schein


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