Announcing Mentors for the RSF-Gates Foundation Pipeline Grants Winners

April 13, 2020

The Russell Sage Foundation is pleased to announce the selection of 14 mentors who will advise the early career scholars whose projects were selected as part of the inaugural Pipeline Grants Competition, funded in collaboration with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Throughout the academic year, mentors will help guide grantees’ research projects and offer career advice. Mentees will present and receive feedback on their research findings and network with peers and senior scholars, including mentors and advisory committee members, at an annual conference at the foundation’s offices in New York. The foundation will underwrite visits by mentees to their mentors’ institutions and arrange informal meetings for grantees and mentors at professional conferences such as ASA or APPAM.

Read about the recipients of the inaugural Pipeline Grants here.

The mentors’ faculty profiles are available below.

Rucker Johnson (economics), University of California, Berkeley, will mentor Tolani Britton (education), University of California, Berkeley, on her project, "Student–Guidance Counselor Ethnoracial Match and Postsecondary Outcomes."


Emilio Parrado (sociology), University of Pennsylvania, will mentor Molly Dondero (sociology), American University, on her project, "Immigrant Integration and Institutional Attachments in an Era of Enforcement."


Fabian Pfeffer (sociology), University of Michigan, will mentor Janeria Easley (African-American studies), Emory University, on her project, "Intergenerational Mobility: A Holistic Approach to Socioeconomic Origin."


Margaret Beale Spencer (psychology), University of Chicago, will mentor Elan Hope (psychology), North Carolina State University, on her project, "Academic Implications of Everyday Racial Stress and Activism for Black College Students."


Trevon Logan (economics), Ohio State University will mentor Nayoung Rim (economics), United States Naval Academy, on her project, "The Impact of Policing and Criminal Justice on Families."


Michal Kurlaender (education), University of California, Davis, will mentor Ying Shi (public policy), Syracuse University, on her project, "Examining Underrepresented Students’ Access to and Gains from Selective Public High School Education."


Aliya Saperstein (sociology), Stanford University, will mentor Fabiana Silva (public policy), University of Michigan, on her project, "Observing Race: A Conjoint Experiment to Examine the Determinants of Ethno-racial Classification."


Matthew Notowidigdo (economics), Northwestern University, will mentor Andria Smythe (economics), Howard University, on her project, "Recessions During Young Adulthood and Racial Income Inequality."


Marisa Abrajano (political science), University of California, San Diego, will mentor LaFleur Stephens-Dougan (political science), Princeton University, on her project, "Shared Disadvantage, Shared Identity? Explaining When and Why White Americans Support Affirmative Action."


Ingrid Gould Ellen (public policy), New York University, will mentor Samantha Teixeira (social work), Boston College, on her project, "Moving Communities to Opportunity: Exploring Public Housing Redevelopment as a Strategy for Addressing Structural Barriers to Economic Mobility."


Timothy Smeeding (economics), University of Wisconsin, Madison, will mentor Jermaine Toney (economics), Rutgers University, New Brunswick, on his project, "The Effects of Extended Family Wealth on Income Mobility."


Deborah Schildkraut (political science), Tufts University, will mentor Yamil Velez (political science), Columbia University, on his project, "Gentrification and Political Displacement."


Marie Gottschalk (political science), University of Pennsylvania, will mentor Hannah Walker (political science), Rutgers University, New Brunswick, on her project, "Intersecting (In)Justice: The Causes and Consequences of the Criminalization of Immigration."


Jordan Matsudaira (economics), Columbia University will mentor Ericka Weathers (education), Pennsylvania State University, on her project, "Counter Effective? Truancy Laws and Educational Outcomes for Minoritized and Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Students."


More information about the Pipeline Grants Competition is available here.


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