RSF and William T. Grant Foundation Announce Educational Opportunity Monitoring Grants

April 9, 2020

RSF and the William T. Grant Foundation are pleased to announce the winners of the third round of their targeted small grants competition for early career scholars. These grants fund research projects on Improving Education and Reducing Inequality that deepen our understanding of educational opportunity and success by analyzing data on academic achievement from the Stanford Education Data Archive (developed by Sean Reardon and colleagues). 

The following six projects were funded during this round of grant making.

Paul Thompson (Oregon State University) will examine how the four-day school week impacts student achievement and pre-existing achievement gaps.

Yifeng Luo (Columbia University) and Ying Xu will examine the causal effect of unexpected school closures due to safety reasons, natural disaster/weather, and wildfires, on student outcomes.

Tiffany Brannon (University of California, Los Angeles) will examine how intergroup attitudes at the county level impact achievement gaps across the United States.

Jessica Boyle (Stanford University) will analyze patterns in student achievement and growth in places disproportionately impacted by the opioid epidemic.

Sarah Fuller (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill) will investigate the effect of being exposed to a natural disaster on student achievement.

Agustina Laurito and Sarah Cordes (University of Illinois, Chicago) will estimate the effect of racial/ethnic disparities in homeownership on the achievement gap between white and black students and white and Hispanic students.


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