Legal Instruments of Foundations

F. Emerson Andrews
Paperback or Ebook
6.00 x9.00 in.
320 pages
December, 1958

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This study contains fifty-eight documents from forty-nine different foundations, selected to represent a wide variety of these organizations. Included are documents from at least one perpetuity, dissolving fund, discretionary perpetuity; at least one company-sponsored foundation, family foundation, foundation engaged in unrelated business activities, association of foundations, "captive" foundation; at least one research foundation, special-purpose foundation, community trust scholarship fund. Several documents have been included for historical interest; documents of two foreign foundations for their comparison values. A final chapter introduces certain operational documents: grant notification form, agreement with consultants, outline for grant applicants, publication agreement.

F. Emerson Andrews was director of publications at the Russell Sage Foundation.

CONTRIBUTORS: James Coleman, James Davis, Beverly Duncan, Otis Dudley Duncan, Mark Evans, David L. Featherman, Robert M. Hauser, Kenneth C. Land, Judah Matras, David D. McFarland, Aage B. Sorenson, Seymour Spilerman, Arthur Stinchcombe, Richard Stone, Kermit Terrell, Donald J. Treiman, James Wendt, H.H. Winsborough.


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