Naming and Blaming Automated Decision-Making Systems: Analysis of Contesting Algorithmic Injustice

Awarded Scholars:
Esra Gules-Guctas, University of Albany
Project Date:
Jul 2022
Award Amount:

The proliferation of automated decisions systems (ADS) has resulted in a decision-making process that seems to defy interrogations, scrutiny, and accountability. Thus, the harmful effects of ADS appear to be hidden behind a false veneer of technological infallibility. Political scientist Esra Gules-Guctas will examine the circumstances in which algorithmic harms – instances when algorithms replicate or exacerbate human bias against groups or reinforce structural discrimination – are understood as legally claimable and then become legal claims. She will draw on court opinions, trial transcripts, discovery materials form existing legal cases and in-depth interviews for her study.


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