Symposium on Public Opinion and Political Involvement Among Latinos for RSF Journal

Awarded Scholars:
Michael Jones-Correa, Harvard University
James McCann, Purdue University
Project Date:
Sep 2013
Award Amount:
Project Programs:

For an upcoming issue of the new RSF online journal, political scientists James McCann and Michael Jones-Correa will organize a symposium featuring eleven articles that examine political engagement among Latinos—both the native-born and immigrants, including non-citizens and the undocumented—in a fresh light. These pieces will draw from the newly-minted 2012 Latino Immigrant National Election Study (LINES), an original survey of foreign-born Latinos that complements the 2012 American National Election Study (ANES). In June of 2013, the 2012 American National Election Study was released for public use.

McCann and Jones-Correa will serve as the guest editors for this special issue. Articles will be grouped under two headings: what patterns of contemporary political engagement tell us about 1) the incorporation of the foreign-born into American politics; and 2) the political behavior of Latinos vis-à-vis members of other ethnic groups. Scholars examining “immigrant incorporation” do not often come into contact with researchers in the field of “Latino political participation.” This interdisciplinary workshop and the resulting journal symposium will help build bridges between these two fields of inquiry.


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