RSF and Carnegie Corporation Announce New Immigration Research Initiative

March 15, 2017

The Russell Sage Foundation and the Carnegie Corporation are pleased to announce the launch of a new research initiative on immigration. This special initiative, designed to apply a twenty-first century lens to research on immigration and immigrant integration, will focus on topics such as the effects of legal status on immigrant outcomes and intergenerational progress, and the significance of race and religion for immigrants’ integration and wellbeing. The initiative will also address concerns about low levels of immigrant naturalization, and explore the distribution of the costs and benefits of immigration at national, state, and local levels. 

This joint initiative was prompted by the findings from two recent reports of the National Academies of Science, “The Integration of Immigrants into American Society” (Waters and Pineau, 2015) and “The Economic and Fiscal Consequences of Immigration” (Blau and Mackie, 2016).

This initiative also responds to recent federal policy changes and concerns about the resurgence of nativism and anti-immigrant sentiment—from executive orders limiting refugee resettlement to barring travel from some Muslim-majority countries.  And it invites examination of the extent to which social and political institutions reinforce (or prevent) the goals of immigrant progress and integration.

RSF and the Carnegie Corporation seek to support innovative research on the effects of race, citizenship, legal status and politics, political culture, and public policy on outcomes for immigrants and for the native-born of different racial and ethnic groups and generations.

View the call for proposals in full.


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