Still Searching for a True Race? Reply to Kramer et al. and Alba et al.

Reply by the current author to the comments made by Rory Kramer et al. and Richard Alba on the original article. Our reply addresses the three main points of empirical critique across the two comments: (1) that a relationship between social status and racial categorization of similar direction and magnitude could be produced by measurement error; (2) that our findings are neither as common nor as generalizable as we claimed; and (3) that we did not adequately demonstrate that stereotypes, operating through what the interviewer does or does not hear about the respondent, are a key causal mechanism. We either provide evidence that directly refutes each point, explain why it results from a misreading of our argument, or both. In the process, we underscore our earlier findings with additional evidence of how social factors shape categorization: through selective processes of 'ethnic attrition' as well as what interviewers knew about the respondents’ use of crack cocaine. 


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