Race, Place, and Political Attitudes in California 

Awarded Scholars:
G. Cristina Mora, University of California, Berkeley
Tianna S. Paschel, University of California, Berkeley
Project Date:
Jan 2019
Award Amount:

  • December 2019: Additional funding of $36,000 awarded

Through original survey data and in-depth interviews, sociologists Cristina Mora and Tianna Paschel will examine how the political attitudes of Asians, blacks, Latinos, and whites in California are shaped by place. They will study the extent to which racial and political attitudes vary across groups and regions across California and explore how local attributes (demographic, political, economic, cultural) are associated with political identities and ideas about race and class. They will also study how individuals make sense of rapid economic and demographic changes that have occurred in their communities and attach this understanding to ideas about social status and group boundaries.


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