Racial Identities and Life Choices among Mixed-Heritage People in the USA

Awarded Scholars:
Carolyn A. Liebler, University of Minnesota
Miri Song, University of Kent
Project Date:
Nov 2018
Award Amount:

People of mixed racial background have some flexibility in how they self-identify. How does a mixed-heritage person’s racial identification influence other aspects of their life? How important are ethnic and racial backgrounds to mixed-heritage people and how do they influence their relationships and family choices? Sociologists Carolyn Liebler and Miri Song will examine the extent to which a person’s race and ancestry responses are associated with their choice of spouse and the racial identification of their children. They will also examine the extent to which the responses vary by location or across different mixed-heritage groups, comparing the experiences of white-American Indian, white-Asian, and white-black people in the U.S.


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