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Research Grants (Core Programs and Special Initiatives)

Funding Guidelines for November 7, 2023 Deadline

RSF will accept letters of inquiry (LOIs) under all of its core programs and special initiatives: Behavioral Science and Decision Making in ContextFuture of Work; Immigration and Immigrant IntegrationRace, Ethnicity and ImmigrationSocial, Political, and Economic Inequality. It will also accept LOIs relevant to its core programs that address the effects (a) of social movements, such as drives for unionization and mass social protests, and the effects of racial/ethnic/gender bias and discrimination on a range of outcomes related to social and living conditions in the U.S. and (b) of the 2023 Supreme Court decision on race-conscious affirmative action and the relative merits of different models to promote diversity and the educational attainment and economic mobility of underrepresented and lower-income students.

LOIs must include specific information about the proposed data and research design. After peer review, about 15% of those who submit an LOI will receive an invitation to submit a proposal. If you are unsure about the foundation's expectations, we strongly recommend that you review the grant writing guidelines on our website and also view an instructional webinar. Successful proposals from this round can have a start date on or after August 1, 2024.

*ALL applications (LOIs & Proposals) are due by 2pm ET/11am PT

Letter of Inquiry Deadline Invited Proposal Deadline Funding Decision

Grant Start Date (on/after)

July 26, 2023 November 9, 2023 Mar 2024 May 1, 2024
Nov 7, 2023 SEE GUIDELINES ABOVE Feb 21, 2024 Jun 2024 Aug 1, 2024
Apr 16, 2024 Jul 22, 2024 Nov 2024 Jan 1, 2025
July 24, 2024 Nov 6, 2024 Mar 2025 May 1, 2025

Before applying, review our Budget and Eligibility requirements


Pipeline Grants Competition

The next deadline will be November 1, 2023


Dissertation Research Grants

The next deadline will be February 1st, 2024


Fellowships (Visiting Scholars, Visiting Journalists, Visiting Researchers)

Visiting Scholars

Year in Residence Application Deadline Decision
2025-2026 June 25, 2024 (11:59pm ET) December 2024

Visiting Journalists & Visiting Researchers

For Residency Between Application Deadline Decision
September 2024 - June 2025 May 7, 2024 (2pm ET/11am PT) June 2024


Summer Institutes



RSF Journal




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