Application Deadlines

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Research Grants (Core Programs and Special Initiatives)

Core Programs:
Behavioral Economics = BE | Future of Work = FOW | Race, Ethnicity and Immigration = REI | Social Inequality = SI

Special Initiatives:
Integrating Biology and Social Science Knowledge = BioSS | Computational Social Science = CSS | Immigration & Immigrant Integration = III | Non-Standard Employment = NSE | Social, Economic and Political Effects of the ACA = ACA

Letter of Inquiry Deadline Invited Proposal Deadline Funding Decision
May 24, 2018 (2pm ET/11am PT)
Accepting: REI / BE / III / BioSS / CSS
August 15, 2018 (2pm ET/11am PT) November 2018
August 20, 2018 (2pm ET/11am PT)
Accepting: FOW / SI / BE / NSE / ACA / BioSS
November 15, 2018 (2pm ET/11am PT) March 2019
November 30, 2018 (2pm ET/11am PT)
Accepting: FOW / REI / BE / NSE / III / CSS
March 4, 2019 (2pm ET/11am PT) June 2019
May 23, 2019 (2pm ET/11am PT)
Accepting: SI / BE / III / BioSS / ACA (final)
August 15, 2019 (2pm ET/11am PT) November 2019


Before applying, review our Budget and Eligibility requirements.


Fellowships (Visiting Scholars, Visiting Journalists, Visiting Researchers)

Visiting Scholars

Year in Residence Applications Accepted Between Decision
2020-2021 January 14 – June 27, 2019 (11:59pm ET) December 2019


Visiting Journalists & Visiting Researchers

For Residency Between Application Deadline Decision
September 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020 May 1, 2019 (2pm ET/11am PT) Mid-June 2019


Small Grants

Behavioral Economics: Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.


RSF Journal

Call for Papers for an Issue on: The Legal Landscape of U.S. Immigration in the Twenty-First Century. Deadline: November 8, 2018 at 5pm ET/2pm PT


Summer Institutes

There are no open calls for applications at this time.


Targeted Competitions

There are no open calls for applications at this time.


Working Groups

Applications from working group members are accepted on a rolling basis.


RSF: The Russell Sage Foundation Journal of the Social Sciences is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal of original empirical research articles by both established and emerging scholars.


The Russell Sage Foundation offers grants and positions in our Visiting Scholars program for research.


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